Valentine Card Printables

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Valentine gift exchanges were always my favorite when I was a kid (free candy? yes please!). I’m not sure how exchanges will look this year BUT I love Valentine’s Day and HAD to design something for the kiddos.

Choose from two card styles otters or frogs or BOTH! I’m also including an envelope template however the cards can be used on their own.

What you’ll need for the envelopes:

printables / glue, tape or glue dots / scissors

  1. Print the cards and envelopes. I used cardstock.

2. Trim the cards

3. Print and trim the envelopes. You will cut on the black lines and fold on the grey lines.

4. Cut along the outer black lines

5. Cut along the inner black lines. You’ll end up with the two flaps on either side.

6. Fold in half along the center grey line. You can either glue/tape the folds on the outside or inside. I put glue dots on the side flaps and tucked the side flaps under the To/From to seal closed.

7. Place the valentine card inside the envelope! Ta dah!

Download via our Freebies page

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